clean and press

  1. clean and press

    What do you all thinka bout incorporating clean and presses? Do you think there a good way to have in a cutting program?

  2. Absolutely... Keep the weight lighter and shoot for sets of 12-15. That will be like a cardio workout all by itself.

  3. One of themost respected games in olympics and prolly one of my favorites for a more than 1 workout where delts legs tris bis back are put in one excercise!

  4. Hey I got and ex bar and also got dumbells too. But I dont have a barbell. Would the barbbell be better than using either ex bar or dumbells for better output and better results? Thats one question I forgot to mention

  5. To save money I want to use the dumbells first and get my technique right. I see some uses kettlebells but I got 2 25 and 2 40 lbs so I will use them work up and when I need more weight I will buy more. Just right now I am looking for more complex stuff to add

  6. K I think i got one its using dumbells for clean and press and when you explode froma squat position and raising the dumbells twist them like an arnold press! What do you think about that?


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