Methoxy tst/ Mega trn and training

  1. Methoxy tst/ Mega trn and training

    Hey, so I am at a bit of a dilema. I haven't seriously trained in years. I also haven't ever done any pro hormones (let me know if I need to transfer this thread to a different part). I have only started (seriously working out again 3 weeks ago). I know there will be a lot of critics out there about that last comment, but I am getting married in 2 months... I am on day 4 of methoxy tst, and I can feel it start to kick in. (before I go on, I am 25 years old, 5'11, 192.5lbs) My only problem is that I do not think my training is the best it could be. Here is what I have been doing:

    Monday: Cardio
    Tuesday: Chest and bis
    Wednesday: Cardio
    Thursday: Back and tris
    Friday: Legs
    Saturday: rest
    Sunday: Arms/shoulders

    I just feel like there is tooo much cardio. As for my diet:
    Meal 1: 1 cup of oats, 2 tbsp honey, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 scoop protein
    meal 2: (this is a snack meal to get down really quick while i am teaching): 1 slice of wheat bread and 1 protein shake
    (then I hit the gym) followed by a protein shake
    Meal 3: 1 cup brown rice, 1 chicken breast, 1 cup of brocelli (green beans today)
    Meal 4: sweet potato fries (home made with 1 potato), extra lean ground turkey 4-6 oz, and a tsp of katchup
    Meal 5: 1 cup cottage cheese
    Meal 6: protein drink before bed

    I know a lot of people have done logs before with this stuff but I never see pictures. Let me know if you want to see them, im really good at sticking to a diet and working hard! Let me knkow yhour critiques of what I wrote, anythiung to help me improve is greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time guys!

  2. what are you trying to accomplish? you left that part out

  3. I want to be as big and as cut as possible. Which I know is basically impossible haha. If I HADto pick one I would say cut, but I still want as much bulk as possible

  4. you weigh 292lbs? wow man, not to sound too shocked but your a big boy for sure. I would watch the blood pressure on these type of supps, and at your size too much cardio isnt in your vocabulary, unless your kind of lean for your weight, which would make you a freak. Whats your body fat at? that would help people give you advice I think. Congrats on getting back to the gym, and getting married. Life can be sweet when you have a loving girl with you, Im looking at mine right now and I dont know what Id do without her

  5. Sorry man, I literally just caught it beore I read your comment haha, I weigh 192.5. I wrote that early this morning lol.

  6. right on man, It had to be a mistake cause thats alot of weight, lol.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by burymestanding View Post
    I want to be as big and as cut as possible. Which I know is basically impossible haha. If I HADto pick one I would say cut, but I still want as much bulk as possible
    Pick 1 for this cycle

  8. Then I would say mass! because as this cycle runs out I will still have about 2-3 weeks before the wedding, and then I can do some evolean or something haha. btw I am glad I am not 292, man I would have so much freakin weight to lose hahaha

  9. bump. I really want to hear some opinions/ criticisms.

  10. Diet looks ok but not great. I'd try and get more protein from solid food sources. Outside of that, if you are trying to add mass on cycle, then cardio is somewhat counterproductive so you can drop it for now


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