Pull up bar

  1. Pull up bar

    im looking to install a pullup bar in my basement because i dont really have a good doorway for the hanging ones and was wondering anyone know any good cheap pull up bars you just screw in or is it better to just buy a heavy duty pipe drill a hole in a beam and put some grip on it ive heard a lot of people do this.

  2. you could get the iron gym it just hooks on to ur door.
    I got it as a gift it's pretty kool.


  3. That 'perfect pull up' thing looks pretty sweet; but it costs like 60 bones. If you're a cheap ass, you can always make a run to home depot. The one I made works quite well.

  4. For your basement you could make your own like this pic below. However, I would put 2 bolts next to each other instead of just on in the middle. This will keep it from rocking if you are doing things like kipping pull ups etc. Prolly cost 10 bucks at most.

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  5. thanks guys i think im just going to make my own.



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