help please

  1. help please

    could someone please help me and develop a 5x5 training program for mix of size and strength...or at least put up a link to another program already made...I can lift 4 to 5 days a week


  2. Look at, they have several split workouts there with. You will probably enjoy the site period.

  3. Something that always bothers me about these kinds of posts is this. You really think youll ever get anywhere with every bit of info being handed to you? What makes you think those who know and spent countless hours reading and researching to figure out the "best" programs (for them no less) owe you, someone who clearly hasnt put that much time into it, that help? I understand being helpful and kind but its far better to teach someone to fish then to hand them a fish. Learn to do your own research and reading. There are a plethora of resources out there.

  4. So Texas I take it that everything you have you got by yourself. Are you one of those people who really think that you don't need "ANYONE'S" help. What better place to ask questions than a place designed to asnswer these types of questions. What brought you to this sight. Did you join so that you could teach people or did you join so you could become more knowledgable. Just as D.Shad is trying to do.


  5. thanks guys, and yes I did join to learn as much as I possibly can to better myself.. thanks aries70

  6. well 5x5 pretty much is self explanatory. A general blueprint to these programs are using 5x5 as the volume range. This is in conjunction with long rest periods (2 - 3 mins) and Heavy Weights. 5x5 mainly targets compound workouts.
    Squats, Deadlifts, Benchpress, Lunges, Military Press, Weighted Dips, weighted pull ups.

    Those are the fundementals. These cazillion variations on them. The key is just to pick a program, fix a high calorie diet and stick to it.


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