Does anyone do this potential mass builder?

  1. Does anyone do this potential mass builder?

    Does anyone know the name of the exercise in which you stand as you would if you were to do cable crossovers,but in this instance you stand straight with a cable in each hand with arms outstretched like a crucifix and then you bring your arms to your side like a reverse lateral raise,and which body part does this work? Im assuming lats,back,traps,shoulders and chest,if so why is everyone not doing this exercise? (i seen someone in the gym doing this as i was leaving and intended on asking them about it but have not seen them since!)
    Cheers in advance bro's!

  2. It's gonna work your lats primarily. I wouldn't call it a mass builder though.

  3. Cheers jtp,ill be using this in todays back workout!

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