Is this workout routine going to meet my goals?

  1. Is this workout routine going to meet my goals?

    Ok so here are my specs. 5'11, 200 pounds, 23 years of age, Male, and plan on taking Epistane and tokkyo test. Anyways last time I was serious about the gym I was mainly concentrating on getting as big and as strong as possible, this time around im looking to get as cut and as strong as I can get. So sense im looking to get cut this time ill be doing allot of cardio (last time I did not do much cardio at all, just pounded the weights as hard as I could). So this is my work out plan let me know if there is something better I could be doing to accomplish my goals. I have 2 gyms, 1 gym I go to is farther away and has anything I could need, the other gym is located at my job so I will be working out my primary muscles on the weekend sense the gym is better and my other muscles during the week day sense im limited.


    Thanks for the help guys.

  2. Why do you do your cardio your lifting days and not on off days?

    Also why not split it up so that your lifting Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday?

    Monday- Shoulders/Forearms/Abs
    Tuesday- Legs/Abs
    Wednesday- Cardio
    Thursday- Chest/Tri's/
    Friday- Bi's/Back/Abs
    Saturday- Cardio
    Sunday- Cardio

    If that is the bodypart split you want to stick with. I get along great lifting like this-

    Monday- Bi/Back
    Tuesday- Cardio
    Wednesday- C/S/T
    Thursday- Cardio
    Friday- Legs
    Saturday- Cardio
    Sunday- Off

    Also it depends on what type of cardio you are going to be doing, what type of training you are going to use (volume, HIT, etc.), and what type of diet you are going to be following.

  3. totally agree with the above. Got to hit those muscles hard 100%. No good lifting the weights when you are depleted from cardio. Also you will burn more fat if you do your cardio after you have used up some glycogen stores weight training.

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