Post your "Leg Day" workout.

  1. Post your "Leg Day" workout.

    What does your "leg Day" consist of?

  2. Total elapsed time is 1-1.5 hours.

    squats atg for usually 30- 45 minutes, many, many sets.

    Almost masochistic.

    calf raises

    laying squat machine(not hack)......


    squats again- yes, i am ill in the head.

    Sometimes deads are in there, if they are, then omit the last squat session.

    I have had many comments from guys in the gym, about my insane tuesday leg workout.

    "just not right"
    "your kidding right"
    "lance armstrong of endurance"
    "do you get lactic acid build up"

    lol. I love killin my legs.

  3. Back squats.

    Front squats.

    Lunges (BB and DB).

    Leg press, high reps light-medium weight. Like 2 plates per side for 50-60+ rest pause reps. 2-3mn break, go back. 3-5sets. Those suck, but I'll bet you've never gotten a pump like that before.

  4. squats (5x5s or sometimes till failure on last one)
    seated calf raises
    leg curls for the hammies
    standing calf raises

    then throw in ab crunches on my leg days

  5. Legs ss Shoulders (12,12 reps, 3 sets)

    Squats/Military Press
    Single leg DB Lunges/Lat Raises
    Ham Curl/Quad Extension/DB Upright Rows
    Calf Extensions/Shrugs

    Total 40min - hit them hard and heavy then fk off home

  6. leg ext warmup
    lying leg curl warmup
    calf raises
    stiff legged deads
    leg press
    calf raises
    standing leg curls

    Lasts about 1.5 hours or so.

  7. Deadlift Shrugs
    Back Squats
    Bulgarian Split-Squat
    Step-up (18 in)
    Reverse Crunch

    I rotate between three dif set/rep ranges and rest periods; 5x5 (90 sec), 4x10 (60 sec), 3x15 (30 sec).

  8. Front Squats-4 pyramiding sets up to 10RM

    Leg Presses-3 pyramiding sets up to 6-10RM

    I do the adductor and abductor machines (the girly ones) because of an old back/hip injury. It actually keeps the pain away. I wait until no one is looking though haha.

    I finish up with 3 Supersets of leg extensions and leg curls

    I hit hammies hard on another day. This is mainly a quad day. I figure they're already pumped from squats (ass 2 grass yeah baby!) and crab leg presses I might as well do an isolation exercise for them. Its usually higher reps just to flush some nutrients in there for recovery.


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