I need direction Please!

  1. I need direction Please!

    I have developed a set of goals for myself and have been researching the best way to get there but there is so much info out there that I am starting to get confused.
    bench 320 for 3 reps
    current bench 285 for 1 rep
    Bench is my toughest gainer

    18 inch arms (when not pumped)
    currently 17 inch arms

    I am currently 32 years old 6'1", 220 lbs with about 15% bf ?, I can see my abs somewhat if I flex them.
    ~15 years experience in the gym but I still consider myself intermediate in experience since I am just now getting very serious about training. I started out at about 145 lbs at 17 years old. I am just finishing my first PH cycle (tren, 4 weeks) and will start another cycle in about 2 months.

    I was researching DC training but the reps seem kind of high for strength....
    right now I am working out 4 days a week...
    chest and tris on mon,
    back and bis on tue
    legs on wed
    rest thurs
    shoulder, bis, tris, and a little chest on fri

    My current routine is relly a mess.... I sometimes do sets of 10 to 12, sometimes sets of 4 to 6, I throw a bunch of negatives in (I love those) and I even will do sets of 20-25 if I feel like it

    what can some of the more experienced folks in here recommend to get my bench up quickly and get bigger arms fast?

  2. to get your bench up, i would work them out twice a week, like monday and thursday for example. monday, focus on strength - 4-6 reps and barbells, thursday do 8-12 reps which is more mass oriented with dumbells.

    big arms require the following exercises
    chin ups, shoulder width
    cheating barbell curls
    tricep dips
    close grip bench
    reverse grip tricep pushdowns

    the rear tricep, which is activate by reverse grip pushdowns accounts for roughly 20% of your arm mass. if you haven't done them before its an easy way to add some size

    also, let me add here, that tren is great for a recomp, just like havoc/epi and h-drol. if you cut your body fat down some, you would have a higher testosterone release, as well as higher growth hormone release. google search "growth hormone and belly fat" or "testosterone and belly fat" for more information. once you cut down to 9% body fat, you'll notice the difference.

    i feel kind of silly offering advice to someone with bigger arms than me. hopefully the information helps.

  3. dude, thanks for the advice... I have been pumping for a while but for the past few years I just go in the gym and do whatever I feel like that day...just for fun. I have never really studied it or gotten on a strict diet or routine. I have also had some injuries in the past due to stupidity. But now I am getting very serious about this sh*t and want to do it right and make some serious gains! I want to design a strict workout program for myself and start eating right so I can GROW
    I think that working on my bench press twice a week is a good idea. There is a guy that goes to my gym that does bench press 3 or 4 times a week..... he is my height, weighs 190 and can bench 350. the more the better I guess

  4. 3 or more is excessive. in fact, counterproductive unless you're on cycle. that's my guess of him don't fall into that trap if you're natural.

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