3 months till baseball season re starts

  1. 3 months till baseball season re starts

    I have 3 months till the season starts again. I am a pitcher, I am wondering if there is anyone in here that knows a good workout rountine that I can do 4 days a week with also incororporating pitching into it also. I am in need of some good advice on this I am needing to get into tip top shape for this season. All advide and tips are welcome.

  2. i'm not a sports player, but here's my thoughts

    any tri, delt, or trap workout would help. clean and press would also help. on that note:

    dips, reverse grip tricep pushdown, rope pushdowns, military press, shrugs (try them seated). and clean and press.

    hopefully thats the correct answer. you could also try total body training, which is great for improving functional strength. but its all around strength, so not technically answering your question. if thats the route you would like to persue, you can do them every other day - once your body gets used to it - one workout every 5 days for 10 days, every 4 days for 12 days, every 3 days for 9, then every other day (soreness is an issue initially). it would be an every other day workout, and i can speak volumes about its increase in functional strength, so three workouts one week, then 4 the next, etc. here's that workout, and should be done within 30 minutes (supersets are required), ideally in 20 minutes:

    WORKOUT # 1

    Squats (ATG) 4x10
    Pull ups (close, med, wide, med) 4x10
    Deadlift to shrug 4x10
    Military Press 4x10
    Push Ups 4x25 (my strong suit, alter to taste, no less than 10)
    Floor Wiper 4x10 (look up on youtube)

    WORKOUT # 2

    Lunges 4x10
    Bench Press 4x10
    Clean and Press 4x10
    Sumo Deadlift to shrug 4x10
    Overhead Squat 4x10
    V - Grip Pullup 4x10

    WORKOUT # 3

    Incline Bench Press 4x10
    Floor wipers 4x10
    Chin Ups (close, med, wide, med) 4x10
    Dips 4x10
    Upright Row (smith machine) 4x10
    The Sled 4x10

  3. with only 3 months until the season begins you should be lifting to increase strength with reps in the 6-8 range. www.vastmuscle.com updates there workouts for all different sports all year round. They do speed and agility too.

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