Post Injury Strength Regain

  1. Post Injury Strength Regain

    Kind of a general question, and I know it can't be answered precisely...I just want an idea. I took three months off to heal a few issues with my back. Obviously I lost a bit of size and more so strength. I've been lifting again the past two weeks, and I was wondering what's typical for strength regain?

  2. After you have been training for a couple weeks, you should be able to regain a good deal of strength due to muscle memory. This won't be over night, but hopefully you'll be able to add weight to your lifts on a weekly basis. This is generally speaking, of course. If you were a more advanced strength athlete your going to have a more difficult time getting back to where you were. For example, if you were benching 405 lbs before your injury, you should be able to get up to 300 lbs pretty easily. However, the jump from 300 to 405 will be a lot more difficult.

  3. depends on what you did to your back. I've had this injury three times in the past 3 years where a disk popped out and right back in. It sucks and it just takes time to gain strength. You will really need to strenghten the muscles around that area first before you go full steam ahead. But, again, it really depends on the injury. Make sure you understand your injury and what it means because in some cases you may need to modify your workouts. EX: I don't do rear squats anymore. Only front squats. I can still do rack deadlifts but cannot do low rep work with full deads. Stuff like that. I can still, thereofre, train properly but had to implement a few changes.

  4. Tore what I believe to be part of erector spinae right above the pelvis on the right side. Lifts are going up a bit workout to workout, I am in caloric surplus so I'm sure that helps. My working weight is going up steadily in all three major lifts. Things like squat and deadlift seem to come faster as they're obviously bigger muscle groups than say chest in the bench press. I was never really "big" though I guess proportionally strong. I'm only 5'5.

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