Please help me out, Combining Weightlifting.

  1. Please help me out, Combining Weightlifting.

    Ok, let me introduce myself, at first.
    I am a 16 year old kid, I started lifting for briefly a year ago, but started it "for real" about 5/6 months ago.

    I got a basic home gym, that my father build in the basement(he was a powerlifter, for that matter)
    So I can only acess to basic freeweights, Dumbells, Barbell, Pull ups, and a push down rope.

    At first I focused alot on how I looked, but now I dont care.
    So Ive started working out more strength exercises(Bench Press, Deadlifts and Squats)

    So here is my concern,
    I started boxing 2 months ago, And I thinks its fun, its great cardio, My question is:
    How can I put my boxing class workout into my workout routine, and what kind of split should I do?

    Right now I am doing:
    Chest, Shoulders(+Traps), Triceps, resting,resting,Legs,Back(+abs ),Biceps.
    It has worked good, I have gotten some OK gains, and I am happy with that.

    My boxing class is on tuesday and thursday, but I guess I could go there only one time, instead of two.
    I was wondering If I overtrain, since Boxing tends to wear out your shoulders, and maybe your chest, and triceps also.
    my Boxing workout is like this: 1/2hour - Warm up/Practicing different moves, 1/2 Sparring, 1/2 - Heavy bag hitting is the one we do the most

    How should I do this?
    Should I split my workout in another way?
    Should I train my chest, triceps and shoulders long away from my boxing?

    I have looked around at this forum, and I have seen that you guys are very experienced and give great comments.

    I was thinking of becoming a powerlifter or a olympic weightlifter, but I am not sure yet, since I am only 16.

    Help me, please.
    Thx Alot!

    Oh, I am a little over 1,70m, and weigh about 66kg(about 125 pounds)

  2. you might want to go to the MMA section and repost this or PM a few of those guys. combining boxing and training is their realm of expertise, and since only a couple of them go to this forum i'm not sure if you'll get an answer that is all inclusive.

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