training question confusing

  1. training question confusing

    this is my question

    it is bad to train biceps and triceps the day after training chets and shoulders? thanks

  2. depends. the truth is everyone will tell you something different. honestly, i did this with great success. however.... if you train your chest with DB's and try training your triceps the next day, you're in for a world of hurt (at least if you keep the DB's close to your body). the real factor here is : are they sore after a chest workout or the next day before your arm workout? if yes, then its bad to train them. if not, go ahead and rip them apart.

  3. Yes. Your triceps will be significantly weaker because they will have been taxed the night before. The same applies to back and biceps.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. hey thanks for the not at all my triceps are not sore after chest training......usually this is my split any adivice or critique is welcome my arms are my weakest point

    monday: chest---shoulders/ abs

    tuesday: arms----biceps

    wednesday: cardio at morning (no weight lifting)

    thursday: lats/traps/low back/abs

    friday: quads/hams/calves

    i change my split every 3 weeks-----(actually i doing power/rep range/ schock training

  5. weak point arms.... the classic problem. the solution is simple (relatively). do 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps each of the following supersets:
    close grip bench
    weighted chin ups (underhand grip)
    weighted dips
    barbell curls



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