my workout advice/ help

  1. my workout advice/ help

    i have been lifting for 2 years and have gotten some nice gains. i want some advice to tweak my workout. i try to keep to my sced as best as possible and want to train with the best way possible. i do 5-6 sets per body part and my 1st set i do 12 reps 2nd 5-8 3rd 2-4. let me know what you think

    -monday chest/ tris
    -tues back/bis/abs
    -wed off
    -thrs shoulders/ abs
    -fri traps/ lats/ forarms/ legs
    -sat off
    -sun off

  2. whats your goal? size, strength, or cutting? 5-6 parts per body part - does that include biceps?

  3. cutting and strength. yea i do 6 sets per muscle.

  4. for cutting, i can see that many sets. reps look good for strength gains. i would imagine that you might just want to switch exercises that you're doing for others if you're not getting what you want out of them. though i should add that your first set of 12 reps is more of a mass gainer than anything else. though it may be endurance-ish for you.

    for bulking, its way too much. too much for biceps. to much for delts. overkill for traps. i can see different sets for quads, but they've got 4 heads, hence their name. i would cut down a bit on your smaller muscle groups, if you're not growing and concentrate on shocking them a bit with higher weights, less sets:

    for biceps do 2-3 exercises
    for triceps do 3-4 exercises
    for traps do 2 (one should be heavy deadlifts)

    i'm not an expert on cutting, but if you're not getting the results you want, switch movements.

    ANYBODY that CUTS please correct me here - i've been on a slow bulk for over a year.

  5. strength - lift heavier and i personally like to train one group per day. on back day, do back....not back/bi. chest day, do chest...not chest/tri. you are taking power away from your back and chest by training your secondaries...i like to superset arms the last workout of the week. go for 8-10 rep range, 6-8 if you want retard strength.
    strength usually works better with a bulking diet though, i'd focus on maintaining muscle if you want to lean up!
    cutting = diet + cardio



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