creatine questions. . .

  1. creatine questions. . .

    about a week into my NO SHOTGUN + NEOVAR stack...I love it and would highly recommend it...I havn't used creatine in over 4 months...

    1) Will creatine increase vascularity or decrease it or not effect it at all? (Obviously the NO SHOTGUN will help with vascularity/pumps but i'm just talking out creatine in general)

    2) will creatine increase body fat reading in a hydrostatic bodyfat test...? (considering ur body retains more water...)

  2. 1) In theory, it could possibly do so a very, tiny, small amount. I really doubt you would see much if any difference though. I guess it also depends on your BF %.

    2) It shouldn't. Not a significant amount anyway.

  3. i don't think creatine will cause increase in vascularity per say, but it will increase volume of muscles which will have some effect on vascularity.

    i can't imagnie any fat gain from creatine

  4. Creatine can't make you gain fat. It shouldn't have any effect on a hydrostatic body fat test. The way that test works is you take your weight on land and then your weight in water. Your weight will register less in water because fat is buoyant and the difference in weight when input into a formula will yield your BF%. And because creatine doesn't have any influence on fat in this regard, it won't make a bit of difference. That's my understanding anyway.

    I agree with what RR was saying about vascularity...that was my train of thought also.

  5. creatine wont make you gain fat, your diet will. with neovar take your complex carbs 1 minutes after and your set! and i will x3 what rr said. the vascularity wont increase, but fullness definitly will with creatine. you picked 2 great supplements. goo luck and have fun



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