Please Help with Summer Stack

  1. Please Help with Summer Stack

    ok, Ive decided to pick up some 19 nor "supp's" before the ban to try as a summer stack

    Im running CycloTren to be exact, Ive done SD, and Epi but never this stuff before.

    From what ive read it seems to be good for a hardener/lean muscle. I really want to stack it with something that will bring on more size as it seems to work well in stacks (from the logs Ive read)

    I have some left over SD but cannot bring myself to use it as I seem to be very prone to Gyno and have delt with Gyno issues everytime Ive used Superdrol (even when using AI's and or Nolva)... So...

    My question; what could I stack this with that would be the best for mass/strength that wouldnt give me the gyno issues of Superdrol?
    BTW, Ive used Epistane and it didnt do squat fer me so that ones out.

    Any other ideas?

  2. wrong section

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mindgame View Post
    wrong section
    Yup. Just copy and past what you wrote and re-post it in the steroid section.

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