Questions about UCP-1

  1. Questions about UCP-1

    Hello guys,

    long-time lurker coming out

    I have a few questions about UCP-1 which I couldn't find the answers for when I did a search.

    What are the chances of experiencing a rebound after I stop using it? Are there any adjustments I would need to make, such as lower calories, change macronutrient ratios, start taking a supplement such as 7-Keto, etc after I do a 2-week UCP-1 cycle?

    Also, what are good carb choices to be consuming during the UCP-1 cycle? I believe that I am very carb insensitive, i.e. eating carbs makes me extremely lethargic, so I avoid them as much as possible. Would fruit be a good choice in this case and if so, what amounts would you recommend? What about vegetables? Anything else besides fruit and vegetables, which would be a good choice in my case?

  2. Rebound effect is purely based on your diet.

  3. so if i continue cutting with the same amount of calories (i.e. roughly 10x body weight) than i should be fine and i will continue to lose body fat?

    also, what do you think of consuming fruit for the carbs? is that a good choice or would the simple sugars have a negative effect?

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