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    Hi Gents!

    Ive been a member for a while but tend to just lurk and soak up the information until i feel im ready to contribute, so many of you guys know you **** here compared to our forums.

    Anyway *removes tongue from AM's a$$* can you guys help a brother out....

    I have the following

    I train weights 4 days a week, 2 heavy lifting and 2 functional strength, i also train muay thai / MMA 3 times per week.

    I am using the diet BOBO created for me 18months or so ago but adjusting the portion sizes to account for my size.

    I am 6ft 2, 19 stone at around 30% bodyfat.

    So any help on the timings and doses for the above products would be a great help and a BIG UP TO NUTRAPLANET FOR SUPERFAST DELIVERY TO THE UK.


  2. hey bud. I'm pretty weary about alot of these products. I'm not the most experienced in supplementation or even bodybuilding as I'm approaching a year of continuous training. Only in the past 3 months have I gotten a handle on shedding bodyfat as a result of my diet. I've gone from 18.5% to about 13% (I'm getting measured again this Sun.) I would say that diet and training are THE most important facet of fat loss. Please try to answer each of these questions and maybe we can help you acheive your goals better.

    What is your BF% goal?

    Since you've been on the diet bobo prescribed, how much fat have you lost?

    How many calories each day do you eat?

    How many times per day do you eat and how many calories per meal?

    How many days per week do you train?

    What is your regimen?

    By providing this info, more knowlegeable folks can help with your supplement timing.

  3. Thanks for the reply, i lost 3 stone following Mr Clowns diet for 6 months (was very conscious of not affecting my MMA performance).

    Then i had a massive back injury which through my own fault i put all of my weight back on.

    Through not training and a poor, poor diet.

    My routine looks somewhat like this:

    • Monday

    Muay thai 8-9.30pm
    • Tuesday

    Chest and Back
    • Wednesday

    MMA - 7.30-9.30
    • Thursday

    Lactate inducing (circuits) + 30mins cardio Steady state
    • Friday

    MMA / Thai - Heavy sparring 7-8pm
    • Saturday

    Quads and Hams
    • Sunday

    Lactate inducing (circuits) + 30mins cardio Steady state

    Off my own back ive lost the 3 stone i put on through injury and thought i would use supplementation for 6 or so weeks to aid, then go back to barebones.

    I eat 5 times a day @ around 600cals per time.

    Much appreciated

  4. At 30% your not ready to start using supps to lose body fat. It should fall off pretty quick with diet and exercise. Save your supps till you reach around 15-18%.

  5. good to hear your order from NP made to you so quickly!!!

    in my opinion, that is a lot of fat burning sups to take all at once. i would split them into two separate cycles.

    maybe one cycle - alcar, dcp, and levi reloaded
    and the second - lean green and recreate

  6. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    At 30% your not ready to start using supps to lose body fat. It should fall off pretty quick with diet and exercise. Save your supps till you reach around 15-18%.
    i agree w/this statement.
    it's easier to go from 30% to 15% than from 20% to 10%. save the supps for when the going gets tough.

  7. ty guys thought as much.

    Just after losing 42lbs in 5 months mentally i got lazy and thought supps would help push me through this slump.

    Will save them for a rainy and thinner day!

    I always get my orders super fast from NP, no suprise there.

  8. good job, our work here is done.


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