Wanting to Detox/Cleanse

  1. Wanting to Detox/Cleanse

    Who has done this? What products/supplements have you used? What were your experiences like?

    I've heard it's recommended to undergo detox during each season. There are plenty of benefits to it. I'm gonna be 21 soon and have never detoxed before. I just don't wanna have to spend tons of money for a 'program' and end up getting scammed. Most of us here tend to be honest, have the experience and know what we're talking about.

  2. i did a heavy metal detox a year ago, didnt notice great effects afterwords but i did feel a little better. its said that you know its working if for the first week or so you feel fatigued. as far as a total body detox, i would try and eat really clean(all organic if possible) and drink lots of water. ive also used Flor-Essence along with the clean diet. also a good deep tissue massage will help release stored toxins from body.

  3. psyllium husk makes for a good time and will clean ur pipes, that and drink lots of water, much else is overkill

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