Great Alternative to Energy Drinks... Even Pre-Workout Stim?

  1. Great Alternative to Energy Drinks... Even Pre-Workout Stim?

    So... I'm totally a Monster junkie... but I don't really like the blue variety and the green has 200 sugar cals that I just don't need during this recomp.

    I went to Walmart and saw this stuff called "Power Edge" energy drink mix. It comes in small packets that are made to be mixed with a bottle of water. Cost $1.89 for a 10 pack and the Wild Berry flavor rocks.


    10 cals/packet
    Caffeine 160mg
    Inositol 70mg
    Taurine 1000mg
    Guarana 180mg
    Panax Ginseng 180mg

    Certainly not a hardcore stim by any means... but it's a nice cheap alternative to energy drinks and I actually feel the effects of this stuff as much as a can of the green monster.

    I use it as a coffee substitute at work.

    Anyways, just thought some of you fellow monster addicts or chronic coffee drinkers might want to try it out.


  2. What sweetener does it use?

  3. Not 100% sure... but Maltodextrin appears to be the sweetener.

    Is there a certain sweetener I should stay away from?

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