help me evaulate my list of supplements please

  1. help me evaulate my list of supplements please

    I'm trying to lose fat and this is the list of supplements recommended in one of the transformation guides I found.

    Prolab's Training Paks
    Labrada Lean Body
    Pro V60
    Lean Body RTD
    IDS New Whey Liquid Protein
    EFA Lean Gold
    CreaLean or CreaLean2
    Super Charge
    Charge Ephedra Free

    Some of the ones I'm probably going to get are the training paks, crelean, glutalean, efa lean gold. I'm not sure which mrp and protein I should get since I don't have a lot of time to prepare an actual lunch to eat.

    The rest I'm not sure of.

  2. One 5 pound tub of ON Whey and bulk fish oil capsules from NP will cost you about $70. That's all you need. You don't even need those if you get enough protein and fish in your diet. Everything else you listed is not needed at all.

  3. wow how much money did u spend on all that ****?

  4. o my bad i thought u had all those my bad

  5. I'm trying to lose weight, will any of those help with my weight loss?

    The ones I'm thinking of getting are
    Prolab's Training Paks-vitamin

    One of these for my mrp and protein
    Labrada Lean Body
    Pro V60
    Lean Body RTD
    IDS New Whey Liquid Protein

    To get the essential fats I need

    EFA Lean Gold

    For helping my muscle growth, etc
    CreaLean or CreaLean2

    Not sure
    Super Charge
    Charge Ephedra Free

    I've been considering mrps for a while and I feel that they could be useful since I can only really prepare one meal a day and they would help me get the amount of carbs and protein that I need daily.

    The rest I have no idea if I should get them or not, if anybody else has recommendations on what to get to help faciliate my weight lost that would be cool.

    I've been working out and my I'm just starting to really get down my exercise routine, now I'm looking for supplements to help me get my diet together and to help my fat loss.

    My diet is pretty crappy since I don't have enough time to actually prepare a complete meal to meet all my needs, hence getting mrps and protein supplements.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sizzzle9 View Post
    wow how much money did u spend on all that ****?
    He didn't buy any of it yet he doesn't know what to buy.

    I would suggest any of these:
    Muscle Building/Pre Workout/ Leaning Up
    Ultimate Anabolic Stack (1 RPM + 1 Drive) By: Applied Nutriceuticals
    X Factor (100 softgels) By: Molecular Nutrition
    Stoked! (60 Capsules) By: Anabolic Innovations
    MassFX Maximum Strength (120 caps) By: Anabolic Xtreme
    Green Magnitude (1.83 lb) By: Controlled Labs
    Anabolic Pump (90+ caps) By: USPLabs
    P-Slin (30 caps) By: Pure Supplements
    Diesel Test Hardcore Twin Pack (Twin Pack) By: Get Diesel
    PowerFULL (NEW!)(90 caps) By: USPLabs
    Ragnarok (40 servings) By: Millennium Sport Technologies

    ______________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________

    Weight Loss Supps:
    DCP (180 caps) By: RPN
    Hardcore Shred XS (90 CAPS) By: Millennium Sport Technologies
    Lean Xtreme (90 caps) By: Designer Supplements
    Leviathan Reloaded (90 caps) By: Palo Alto Labs
    Recreate (90 caps) By: USPLabs
    ______________________________ ______________________________ _________________________
    Muscle Milk (2.48 lb) By: Cytosport (Taste is amazing)
    100% Whey Protein Gold Standard (5 lb) By: Optimum Nutrition
    Nectar Protein (2 lb) By: Syntrax (some like it i dont... )
    100% Whey Gold Standard (2 lbs) By: Optimum Nutrition
    Muscle Delight By: Axis Labs
    Relentless/Ultra Peptide 2.0 Stack By: Xtreme Formulations

    Sorry got a little carried away lol, but these are all amazing products as long as you follow the directions, all i can think of for now though. Good luck with whatever you choose, im not sure if all this was what you were looking for but just trying to help out.

  7. gatorade, you don't need all of that. When you say you only have time to make one meal, how about making a **** ton of whatever you're making, store a lot of it in the fridge, and then eat it 2-3 times a day, and have shakes twice a day, that equates to 4-5 meals a day.

    You don't need all that other crap.

  8. I agree, you definately don't need all of that to lose weight...Diet and cardio man, diet and cardio.

  9. I know its mostly diet but I don't have time actually to sit down and eat a real lunch until 2-3pm?

    thus the mrp would be taken at say 10am, 12-1pm or maybe another one depending if I can actually find time to eat a real meal

    Am I correct in thinking that if I get enough of the carbs/proteins I need a day and cut calories that this would lead to a pretty good fat loss?

    I'm already exercising and gaining more muscle mass but I just want to increase my metabolism and decrease calories to lose fat.

    I feel supplements would help me a lot in controlling how many calories I'm taking in a day.

  10. Theres so many supps out there you can get for fat loss. You could cut your carbs down by alot and consume alot of protein then you definately lean up. Heres my hook up =) ------------------------> - Discount Bodybuilding Supplements, Vitamins, Weightloss Products, and Bulk Nutritional Powders!

  11. I mostly just have fat around the midsection, I'm pretty happy with everywhere else. Even though I have fat in those places I know they will go away easily as I already have pre-existing muscle there. As long as I keep the fat intake low I'm sure that the fat there will disappear easily.

    Would looking for a exercise routine that concentrates more on fat in the midsection and a supplement that would help me lost the fat there be more efficient?

  12. When it comes to MRP's I really enjoy UP 2.0 (any flavor) and Prolabs Protein Component (cinnamon oatmeal)


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