building mass, what stack would you take

  1. building mass, what stack would you take

    im trying to gain some weight. currently ive gained about 5lbs, ive been taking weight gainer and eating a ton. i also take pslin and ap and the usual. i was looking for a mass building stackof some sort. any ideas? what stack would you take or currently taking?

  2. Natty or hormonal?

  3. im on a mass building programme just now.

    After a lot of forum research and talking with guys and trainers in the gym who have tried and tested the products ive gone with :
    Reflex Instant Mass
    Gaspari Sizeon
    Gaspari Superpump 250
    Controlled Labs Purple Wraath

    its putting good muscle size on me

  4. SizON, SuperPump, Whey Protein, homemade mass gainers, hard lifting, sleep, and diet produce freaking great results.

  5. ^^^^^^^ exactly as he said

  6. Superduperdrol.

  7. Agree w/ Texas as those are some good choices. Personally i feel, and idk some may disagree but neways, that other than anabolics no supplement will really give you much added mass. I feel they can help maximize the amount you can get during a given time, and help keep fat down but not directly aid in a huge amount of added mass.

    W/ that said you should have plenty of success with the AP and P-slin. Possibly look into homemade gainers, intrabolic, beta alanine, or x-factor. Choose maybe one thing to add and you should do great.. Good luck man.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Big BAMA View Post

    First things first,
    If your diet's not full of healthy carbs and fats, and extra protein, you need to get that worked out. The reason people say to make your own gainers is that the store bought ones are full of bad fats, simple carbs, and sugars. It's like fast food with some protein mixed in. A few tablespoons of a nut butter like almond or peanut in your shake will jump up your diet a few hundred efficient calories really easily.
    Just about anything hormonal will get you bigger to some degree, but certain things are better at directly building mass than others. I could name suggestions but will leave that to people who've actually tried more than one of them so far, unlike myself. Although if you're not past your mid 20's I'd recommend avoiding them for now (to anyone who reads this).
    If you're not already supplementing with creatine, as long as you get enough water with it, that'll give you a boost in size & strength right away and is very cheap and generally considered completely safe by anyone who knows what they're talking about. I hear nothing but good things about Mass FX, and I [I]think[I] it's non-hormonal, but don't take my word for it.
  9. tattoopierced1
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    Xtend, creatine, and add some pslin in there and you'll be off to the races.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Rhyno View Post
    Natty or hormonal?
    either or.

    and thanks for all the suggestions. i have taken superpump and had good results, it tastes like poop! but maybe i should look at my diet. i eat good but more protein and more food is needed as well.


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