good test boosters

  1. good test boosters

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good test booster. (One that acutally works) I have done the searching and found several. You know they all say they are the best. Just wanting some input on the ones that people have had good results from before I spend the cash.

  2. x-factor, activate xtreme, diesel test hardcore

  3. are you looking for a natty or syn.?

    Mass Fx- Anabolic xtreme
    Mass FX Maximum- anabolic xtreme
    Diesel test hardcore- get diesel nutrition

    Jungle warfare

    there are other alternatives besides just test boosters though if you are wanting to get stronger and gain mass, also they are safer and you wont loose as much of what you have gained. hopes this helps some man

  4. I like drive, rpm, and IGF-2. They are good in combination or as a standalone (and natty too).

  5. xfactor isn't a test booster. and rpm and igf-2 aren't really considered test boosters

    I like ActivaTe. (i have used the original once before and am using it again now) I think the xtreme version would probably be just as good if not better.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jdev View Post
    rpm and igf-2 aren't really considered test boosters
    That's debatible. Rpm is more geared toward pre-workout usage and IGF-2 is more of a test/gh/adaptogen so I see your point. However, rpm does contain icariin, a testosterone mimetic and the safed musli in IGF-2 raises testosterone. I believe that with consideration of these ingredients that both products could fall under the category of "test boosters."


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