ON 100% Casein Vanilla Flavor

  1. ON 100% Casein Vanilla Flavor

    So I have drinking this product for a while now(big fan). Anywho, what I usually do is mix it with 2Tbsp natural PB and 2 cups of reduced fat milk and some light cream. It is really good. What I did today and yesterday is the same recipe, but I some marachino(spelling?) cheries and a little of the juice the cheries were in, plus some Avant Research Super carb, 2 Tbsp to be exact. It tasted amazing, just be careful with how much cherry juice you add, because you don't want it too sweet. Just thought I would share because it tastes great!. Oh yeah two scoops of the protein.

  2. I love the chocolate flavour with some extra cocoa before bed. I prefer that over Syntha even. I didn't try the Vanilla because I didn't like their Optimum Whey Vanilla flavour, but I might give it a shot.

  3. I haven't had the vanilla or chocolate flavors but the banana-cream flavor is the sh1t! I usually add it to my oats and I'll have to give the other flavors a try.

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