Need a little bit of advice please

  1. Question Need a little bit of advice please

    Hey guys im 19 and weigh a sad 145 lbs and im currently on a test boost (alpha drive xl), as soon as its up im looking to get on something that will raise the strength bar and make me look diesel, not looking for miracles. i eat like a beast and work out 4-5 times a week. i took superdrol before it was banned and got great results but after it was up i lost motivation and soon after the results left me too. Different story this time. Any suggestions?

  2. eat like 2 beasts and then eat more! then lift more!

  3. Damn you took Superdrol when you were 17, you're lucky it didn't cause any major health issues.

    Honestly it sounds like your putting too much faith into supplements. I know you said you're eating like a beast, but what does that mean exactly (what does your diet look like?) What does your training look like?

    Theres a lot of information on quality supplements on here (both logs/info) that is very accessible. Check it out in the supplement/supplement review section.

  4. Stay away from anything remotely hormonal for a few years. Seriously.

    Eat like a herd of beasts.

    Focus on your mind/muscle connection when you're lifting. Forget about your ego and drop the amount of weight your lifting. Concentrate on controlling the weight throughout the lift...if you're looking for size, lifting form is more important than number of reps and amount of weight (if you're looking for strength, form has a little leeway because you are more concerned with moving the weight through space).

    Get a solid diet planned out.

    The basic supplements that you should use are: whey (and casein), a carbohydrate source, multi-vitamin, creatine, and maybe a pre workout stimulant.

    Hope that helps.

  5. nah the SD was more around 18, wow alot of useful info guys gonna try to slowly incorporate it all into my "lifestlye change" to be honest SD and this alpha drive are the only supps i have stuck to and im only a week and a half into the alpha but i have notice a nice shoulder gain, but then again it is my favorite day, deff makes sense about controlling the weight ive always thought so but now u re assure me its good so that helps thanks guys

  6. also as far as my diet im pretty much at a point were im eating as many as 6 times (sometimes 3 or 4 if my wallet is light) a day. but i do plan on getting on something to atleast just help me stay pumped in the garage (gym) for an extra half hour or so (hopefully more) what about that poseidon stuff?


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