quick help plz

  1. quick help plz

    im going to be taking hyperdrol+massFX+retain all made by AX would i need a pct or liver protector or the retain ok for that cycle

  2. you dont need pct or liver protection.

  3. thanks zombie

    thank zombie, very quick repond,thanks again

  4. is it because the supps arent that powerful, is that why no liver protectant and pct are needed

  5. i can accept that prize, i can still eat nasty till next week

  6. hows this cycle

    Ultimate Mass Cycle
    Week Hyperdrol Mass FX Retain
    1 4/Day caps 2/Day caps 1/Day caps
    2 4/Day caps 4/Day caps 1-2/Day cap
    3 4/Day caps 4/Day caps 1-2 Day/cap
    4 4/Day caps 4/Day caps 1-2 Day/cap
    5 4/Day caps 4/Day caps 2/Day cap
    6 4/Day caps 3/Day cap
    7 4/Day caps 3/Day cap
    8 4/Day caps 2/Day caps 2/Day cap
    9 4/Day caps 4/Day caps 1-2/Day cap
    10 4/Day caps 4/Day caps 1-2/Day cap
    11 4/Day caps 4/Day caps 1-2/Day cap
    12 4/Day caps 4/Day caps 1/Day cap

  7. it looks good and for the kind of question i would think that this is your first stack. i been on that stack in the past several times and its really good, thats a good protocol to start with , after this stack or like 3 weeks in to your stack you can modify to desire the dosage. i tried that same dosing for retain 2 and it worked but i liked it better at a bigger dose.

  8. kk thanks for advice


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