p-slin/anabolic pump on low carb diet

  1. p-slin/anabolic pump on low carb diet

    Ive been following the anabolic solution diet (5 days extrmely low carb, high fat,high protien followed by 2 days extremely high carb) for a few months with great results and have recently started experimenting with waxy maize around my workouts and carb up days. If i only take in around 120 grams of carbs all from waxy maize on my workout days would a supplement like ap or p-slin be effective at helping me get the most out of my limited carb intake? also what if i only used them on the weekends when im consuming extremely high carbs? do they need to be taken everyday for long periods to se results? thanks for your time

  2. you'll get best results taken every day, but will get some results if just used weekends. P-slin + 120g of WMS is a great combo 1hr preworkout

  3. thanks, was wondering about the two because ive read that you need complex carbs with p-slin and to my knowledge waxy maize is not a complex carb and due to the nature of my diet i want fast carbs that get in, do there job and get out.

  4. The pumps are stronger, and come on faster with WMS taken with pslin vs oats. WMS is still sort of a low GI carb, compared to dextrose. its more that its very rapidly digested, not that it does a big insulin spike.

  5. thanks again, i think p-slin might be the way to go for me because the once a day dosing will work better with my diet. so just out of curiosity does wms cause a big insulin spike? it must to some degree but if not that would be great. if i can get the benifits of an insulin spike without spiking to much that would make my weekend carb ups that much more effective.

  6. Its not as big an insulin spike as sugar, but bigger than oats if I recall right, i know there is a chart somewhere.


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