Protein Intolerance!

  1. Protein Intolerance!

    Lol I dont know where to post this so im doin it here.

    I think I have a protein intolerance guys, everytime I take whey protein I get horrible sick filling, not nauseous but mad fatigue and depression, and just overall not feeling well, my slows down to crap too, I can barely hold conversations, this also happens if Im eating alot of protein like chicken, usually when I exceed 50grams I can tell a difference, when I hit 200grams it just gets bad.

    Anyways anyone have any ideas on this??

    So far my only assumptions are a form of phenylalanine disorder(tetrahydrobiopterin deficiency), or an ammonia removal disorders, but theres like 10 different ones of those so I wouldnt know how to target it.

  2. Ask your doctor, he'd be able to give you a much better answer than anyone on an online forum

  3. Not really I had/have the same problem and they will just give you things like Prilosec. I feel your pain. It's ****ing miserable.

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