anyone know if Hemogex can go through Canadian customs?

  1. anyone know if Hemogex can go through Canadian customs?

    Anyone know if Hemogex can pass through Canadian customs? Or has ne one ever had their hemogex seized for Canadian orders?

  2. if anyone can do it nutraplanet can

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bigschmidt821 View Post
    if anyone can do it nutraplanet can
    you aint can get whatever i want from nutra...never even had a packaged opened at the border from them.....

  4. Is this for real? Hemogex is in a bigger package that might put attention to canadian customs. That would be awsome. But what makes nutraplanet so special that packages go through Canadian cutoms?Is it because of their fast express shipping that customs don't care or do they just label the package as "Vitamins" so customs don't care?? Hemogex is a lot of money and I just want to be sure. Did you guys actually order Hemogex? I live in Winnipeg so I hope it's all good.

  5. nutraplanet would refund u i am sure if something went wrong great customer service...beyond that hemogex comes in a very small box nothing to make customs jump all over it, justadvertised it looks all big

  6. Why did you order it. Hemogex is a bad product. It takes about four months worth to matter. How much did you order?


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