Got Green Tea Caps?

  1. Got Green Tea Caps?

    Whats going on with the green tea cap shortage?
    Went to Nutraplanet to order them= out of stock.
    Went to custom nutrition warehouse = nothing to be found, only bulk powder.
    Anyone else have this problem? I waited for the Forslean to come in, no caps as of yet, only powder,.
    Please Help.

  2. I'm not sure where you are looking exactly, but if you go to nutraplanet and search "EGCG" you will get a number of in stock items (including bulk powders, and caps from NOW)

    Green Tea Powder (50% EGCG) (100 gm) By NutraPlanet

    You might even try tea-3 from the new sponsor primordial performance.
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  3. Go to the Nutracaps section, you will see that they are out of stock. It says out of stock in red. Not interested in another brand, I am very happy with this price.

  4. so then post in their customer service section and find out when they will have them back in stock.

  5. These will be in stock in 7 days.
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