Ordering from UK

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    Ordering from UK


    Has anybody ordered from Nutraplanet from the UK? If so , would one have to pay an import tax before receiving the shipment? Any help is appreciated.


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    didn't i already answer this question for you the other day?? ive bought 3 or 4 times from Nutraplanet delivered to UK and only once i had to pay any kind of tax. it was about 15. well worth it IMO.
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    I have done and havent had any probs.

    I would ask if they would mark as a gift, thats if they dont mind

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    It depends on the value. Up to 18 is okay, or up to 36 if they mark it as a gift.

    The huge annoyance is if you do get hit with a charge it takes parcelforce forever to write to you about it, then you have to pay it BEFORE they finally deliver the parcel to you. Can take several weeks, so now I have it delivered by fedex and it's worth every penny, it can be in your hands within 72 hours of ordering it. If there is an import charge fedex will deliver it first and invoice you later. It's not cheap, though, so I try to only place an order every 3 months and work out everything I'm going to want for the next 3 months each time.
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    Two orders, one charged at customs.

    re parcelforce keeping hold of it... just track the parcel and if it get delayed just phone them. That's what I did.

    Marking it as a gift makes no difference, I'm fairly sure but NP will probably do it anyway. That's no bad thing but it doesn't help us imo.


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