Tryin' this again...

  1. Tryin' this again...

    OK, last stack tried settin up financial situation arose and had to wait. Now i'm set. Looking to lean out, drop fat, push through it whatever, just more muscular. Here it is... ALL criticizing is welcome.
    ResetAD - 1-2 weeks prior to starting anything that follows.
    RPM - Looking mainly to this for strength and PreWO BOOM!
    BCAAs - DUH!
    X-Dream - For when i get to sleep in on weekends/days.

    ****FocusXT- Tue & Thurs. before school, longer days unless a tolerance can be avoided while dosing mon-friday?****

    Incarnate - Lean muscle gains and joint support, may even a Glucosasmine supp. Knee and elbow and in rough shape.

    NOW Adam - currently on GNC MegaMan...ok but heard this is great.

    Also, maybe Poseiden, still tryin to ind stuff to help my skin(shoulders and back a bit) clear up, face is ok)

    ANY other suggestions to add would be great. Like i said, more muscular looking. I will be on a maintain type diet roughly 3000-3500 cals. Carb cycles. nothing after 7pm unless its a shake after work. 250-300g protein (i weigh 190)

    Thanks guys.

  2. I know you guys got some sort of recomendations...please? Maybe a cort. control? ReduceXT? You think whats their will be enough? I will be opn a clean diet. Oh and i got Omegas, B12, E, and thast it.

  3. I love retain!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TheMyth View Post
    I love retain!
    So are you sayin this is a good idea to add? haha your a good guy, can't wait for the Drive.

  5. Yeah I was going to say that this sounds like it can be pretty stressful so a cortisol control of some sort could really do you wonders. I'm using X-Lean by IBE right now and honestly, I think the little love handles that I do have are thinning out (and I'm not fat by any means...I can see my abs for the most part).

    I've read that Dr. D designed both X-Lean and Retain 2 (this could be wrong), but he did say that they are basically on the same level of cortisol control. So you can go either way.

  6. yea, Retain is great for the cycle! Really hardens you up. And I can't wait for Drive either! I want to try it!

  7. Retain it is! Thanks again guys.

  8. Hope it works well for you man!


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