PCT with Nolva and Question on Lots of Weight Loss!

  1. PCT with Nolva and Question on Lots of Weight Loss!

    I did a 1ad/4ad for 30 days at mild-low doses. I seemed to gain a good 10-12 pounds of size from 225 to 237. I ordered Nolvadex offline and started taking it @ 40/40/20 (Im only doing 3 weeks). I am taking 6-oxo @ 500/200/200 and [email protected] 2 pills a day. At the end of my cycle I was bloated a lot and when I started taking NOlvadex the bloat went down but so did my BW. I woke up this morning and only weighed a measley 231. I felt a decent strength loss last night in the gym as my military press for 5 reps went down from 220 to around 3-4 reps. I am wondering if the Nolvadex I am taking is real or if i am just paranoid. I mean it tastes like chemicals when i shoot it in my mouth and Im definetely

    On the other hand I feel a LOT less bloated then when on cycle adn I am certainly MUCH more cut. MY strength has gone down a little. But 7 pounds seems like a lot. Do you think cause Nolvadex reduces IGF-1 Ill fill back up with glycogen after my cycle ends? Thanks guys.

  2. I think that you were holding water from the 4-ad and then lost it PCT. No worries, that's what happens when you come off. strenght loss is also from coming off and losing water weight since the water weight aids in strength gains.

    How long has it been since you ended your cycle?

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