Do You Smell That? Another Contest From AN!! Smells Pretty Good Too!!

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  1. Exclamation Do You Smell That? Another Contest From AN!! Smells Pretty Good Too!!


    Contest #3 Whoever can make a new thread and get the most posts about AN products wins the prize pack. So make a post about AN supps, or Supp, and discuss it, throw studies in there, reviews, ANYTHING related to the product(s). Ya, that is the contest, and yes that is my final answer! Everyone has an equal opportunity! It ends when this baby hits 5,000!

    RPM/Anabolic Drive/IGF-2 is the prize pack, and you will be the first to get a shiny new bottle of Anaboic Drive. Wouldn't it be nice to say you were the first one to get a bottle!!!!

    So start posting again!

    In order to win a prize or prize package, YOU MUST HAVE 30 POSTS! Straight from the big guy himself! So all you lurkers, come on, get on board, because it isn't fair to win something with only one post when the other guys are doing all the work!

    Contest #1 Winner- Cellar Dude

    Contest #2 Winner- Brass Monkey

  2. sniff, sniff?

  3. guess no one smells what I smell!

  4. i do and i like it!

  5. im all over it!

  6. yeaa ill prob be in on this one too

  7. oh yeah. is this gona be as big as "when the boss is away"??? that ones nuts.

  8. Who knows, might be, but I need some whores to get in here on the action before any details go out. When this thread reaches 200 posts, details will start to emerge! 200 is nothing for my whorebags!

  9. Whoever smelt it, dealt it

  10. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Whoever smelt it, dealt it
    Whoever denied it supplied it

  11. Which thread is it happening in?

  12. This one, or the one in the company forum?

  13. It will be here! Just want to give a heads up to everyone!

  14. probably

  15. won't

  16. posts

  17. reach

  18. 2hundy

  19. So does a brazillian rodizio sound reasonable for a cheat meal?

  20. or maybe not!

  21. yeah had one last night.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    So does a brazillian rodizio sound reasonable for a cheat meal?
    WTF is rodizio?

  23. Rodizio (ro-DEE-zyoo or IPA: [xo'dʲizju]/ IPA: [xo'dʒizju] – BP – or [ʁu'dizju] – EP) is a style of restaurant service in Brazilian and Portuguese restaurants. One pays a fixed price (prix fixe) and the waiters bring an offering of food to each customer at several times throughout the meal, until the customers signify that they have had enough. In churrascarias servers come to the table with knives and a skewer, on which are speared various kinds of meat, most commonly local cuts of beef, pork, or chicken whereas in a Pizza rodizio varied pizzas are brought on trays.


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