JW/PA/BAM/Restore or Hyperdrol/MassFX/Retain

  1. JW/PA/BAM/Restore or Hyperdrol/MassFX/Retain

    I want to run one of these, but not sure which would be better to do.

    I know both are great stacks, looking to see if anyone can give any feedback on which would be better for some lean gains.

    I turn 21 soon, but want to stack stocking up on the stack cause both can be pretty expensive.

    Going to be running the stack the full time listed on the site.


  2. Yea im in the same position as you. I turn 21 soon too and i also was curious about the same exact question.

  3. ive ran both stacks, and had equally great results

    u will be impressed either way.

    just do alot of research first
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