Hey everyone. I am about to start my first 21 plus supplement log . My plan is to try Dr. D's pulse method for Epistane. This is what it would look like.

Dose Tue/Thur/Sat
Week 1: 10/20/30
Week 2: 30/30/30
Week 3: 30/30/30
Week 4: 40/40/40
Week 5: 40/40/40
Week 6: 40/40/40
Week 7: 50/50/50
Week 8: 50/50/50

I have on hand... ATD, Nolva, IGF2, Formestane (transdermal), and Milk Thistle

What I am wondering is how best to utilize all of this with the cycle.

I am thinking Form on off days while on cycle. And ATD IGF2 during PCT with Milk Thistle and Nolva if I feel suppressed.

Any suggestions more then welcome. Thanks a bunch guys!!