Creatine after Ph's??

  1. Creatine after Ph's??

    How soon do you guys think is cool to start doing creatine afetr my ph cycle. I finished the cycle on wednesday and am now post cycleing.. Also (i am out of the supp loop) which is good creatine. Monohydrate is cheaper but then there is the tricreatine.. Sorry for the obviously stupid and searchable questions just that I have not used creatine for a few years.. So fill me in.. Thanx guys.. TTY
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  2. Ok newbie:

    I like SAN V-12, using it for post cycle again myself here in a few weeks. I would say start as soon as you can get it. The pumps are incredible with it, and actually some of my lifts went up last cycle of it. Swole is another option for tricreatine malate, but I hear it's rancind tasting...among other things. There is a debate between Bobo and Sir Foxx around here somewhere, it's got some great info on both, and the rest of the ingredients in them (AKG, taurine, blah, blah, blah)

  3. ive always been pure german grade creatine (ie prolab) supporter. but ill second jweave's recommendation of v12. solid consumer' response and could be had for 30 bucks. so obviously, more expensive than mono or any pharmaseudial generic brands, but well worth it in my opinion. as far as when to start....curt, i think you should start now. if its liver function you worrying about, always can (or keep taking) liver support supps. the big v12 markets itself with is there tricreatine malate. incrase in its bioavaiability or what not. again, its a sales pitch but you cant go wrong with positive feedbacks. Ill would give it a go if i didnt still have 1/2 of this prolab kilo left for after my current cycle.

  4. Thanx Guys.. All I have is Mono right now. SO I will use that until my v12 gets here.. Cool or no? TTY
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