Results of Controlled labs stack, need new idea

  1. Results of Controlled labs stack, need new idea

    Hey guys! Long time not post for me. I just wanted to let the few people that did read my early posts about my controlled labs stack, I am finishing it up and had great results. I staked white blood, green buldge, blue up, and PW. The stack was amazing, great energy, pumps, and improved mental state. Over the period of the stack I packed several pounds of lean muscle on my frame and gained a ton of definition. I just wanted to give a big THANKS to all the guys at controlled labs for their great products. I loved them.

    Now, for a change of pace i am going to start a new stack. This is what i was thinking of Animal pump stacked with Animal Nitro and Poseidon to finish it out. I like that the animal supplements are in pill for, seem to work better for me and well Poseidon has a great following around here so i have to give it a try. Does this look ok or do i need to change some things up. Once again i would like to thank everyone around here for all the help. And, one more thing, jjohn I did clean my diet up and followed your advice which did help tremendously. Thanks again everyone and happy lifting!

  2. come on guys need a little input! Please!

  3. stick with what works for you. its not everyday that you find supps that live up to expectations

  4. Animal pump? But why? There are way better things out there.

    Try RPM (pre-workout energy + hormone optimizer), pGHT (HGH/sleep), and Millennium Kreaceps XS (creatine, Cordyceps, Rhodiola). Throw in Cordygen5 for an extra boost (in performance, both in the gym and in bed).

  5. What is so bad about the basic BCCA, WPI, and CEE stack? They may not be the sexiest thing around, but they work and are quite cheap when bought in bulk powders.
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