JAVA reduces DOMS

  1. 48%!

  2. too bad java does bad stuff to my stomach

  3. "Researchers said the results may not be applicable to regular caffeine users, since they may be less sensitive to caffeine's effect."

  4. That's why cycling is so important

  5. lol..

    I was just about to say JJohn that you having a link to Anabolics 2007 makes about as much sense as Jayhawkk having a link to a Vagina website. You guys are both pretty clueless on the respective subjects...

    Then I saw you were a rep. Hijack over.

  6. Well, I have to do this. MN is the company I represent, and even though I ain't very interested in taking illicit substances, I have to help the company survive right? I have a good experience in supplementation, and lot of experience with X-Factor. I am here to promote MN, and help people with their training and supplementation needs. I am still learning, true, but I have to promote it, and I have to listen to my boss right?

  7. See smilie above, 'twas a joke big guy.

  8. It's all cool.. I was just making a point.. . Anyways. Back to the thread...

  9. I kinda like the lil guy
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative


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