Should I take creatine while taking a week off?

  1. Should I take creatine while taking a week off?

    I'm planning on running creatine till the end of the year. I like to take a week off from lifting every 8-10 weeks. Should I continue taking creatine on my weeks off? I've search but came up with na-da..... I've been taking creatine for 6 weeks now and my pants are tight..... I think it's bloat.

  2. I wouldn't use creatine for longer than 2 months at a time, 3 months max, taking at least 1 month off it...

    To answer your question, stop taking it while you take a break.

  3. No need to use creatine on your week of..
    It takes about 4-6 weeks before muscle creatine stores goes back to normal.
    After your one week break just start using maintain dose again and you are ready to train...

  4. I personally use creatine in my pre/post workout shakes only. So If I dont train, I dont take it that day.

    Every once in a while I will take a serving on an off day but I don't feel that it is needed.

  5. If I do happen to take creatine while on an off day, it would be half the dose. Like the others have suggested, I wouldn't cycle for a year, 2 to 3 months max with a month off. You'll still get creatine from meats, fish, carrots, etc. No need to overdue it.



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