Ensure Plus

  1. Ensure Plus

    for those of you that dont know what Ensure is, it's a weight gainer and a good one too. Expensive, but effective. I recommend it to anyone wanting to bulk up.

  2. Ensure? Are you serious or are you just kidding? Might as well drink chocolate milk, it's the same amount of sugar and not nearly enough protein. Same goes for those Carnation breakfast things too. Dude you really need to do a little more research before you post stuff like this here. I don't mean to flame but seriously, this is like the 10th post from you that I've read that is more than just a little on the ridiculous side. Believe me I'm far more kind than others might be. I know you mean well by posting these things but....

  3. Originally posted by Draven
    Believe me I'm far more kind than others might be.

    .... must... suppress... rage....

  4. Originally posted by Biggin

    .... must... suppress... rage....

    Hehe, smartass

  5. look, Technics, if you're really "where they train the elite", you GOTTA pay some more attention my friend... I'm in a very calm mood tonight, and you're lucky Draven responded first, cause he's a helpful, cool headed fella... but posting things like this here will get your ass handed to you in a hurry, especially after your bone growth thread... and I'm not tryin to be an *******, but seriously bro... ****in Ensure? I generally have a pretty good sense of humor and am pretty lighthearted about most things, but I just couldn't find room to laugh here... PLEASE just read a little more, keep your eyes and ears open for awhile, etc... this **** is dangerous

  6. I pick up my Depends right along with my Ensure when I'm at Costco. My Dr. tells me that the Ensure will help my 70 year old ass "bulk up" as that it what my already old, 20 pound overweight body needs!

  7. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    LOL at WW7
    Like that?

  8. Didn't expect it, don't see you rip into anyone that often

  9. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    Didn't expect it, don't see you rip into anyone that often
    *Fueling Flame Thrower*

    Missing flaming quite a bit. I think a trip to another board is in order....

  10. Oh boy, knew it was a matter of time.

  11. Well, I tried to warn the kid.

  12. Oh no you didn't just say ensure?! I'll get back to this when my torch gets hot

  13. You know what bothers me, my grandma buys this **** and she says is the best **** for keeping you healthy , along with grandma's along the world, when they see the ****ing ensure commerciasl they say "OHH WOW HERE COMES MY GOD MY SAVIOR" ****ing stupid ensure marketing they all blow, now my granda is dead and the cause was "Heart failure" my ass , it was all ensure, screw it.

  14. C'mon man you're kidding right? Ensure the death of your grandpa

  15. I hear slim-fast is an effective weight gainer as well.

  16. I was kidding obviously , i didnt wanted to flame the guy for the post , but just make sure to check the label , is 24grams of sugar a serving

  17. LOL then hehe, felt bad for a second.

  18. Come on bro, I hope you're not foolish enough to believe Ensure will pack on the muscle. I'll take Cell-Tech before I take Ensure.

  19. i think this guy has had enough....hehe. (notice he hasnt responded back after 18 reponses) let him off fellas, lets help him out eh?. lets teach. Sage

  20. ensure? isn't that the milk formula for babies and senior citizens?

  21. Come on guys, throw some Hagaan Daz in there, add some more chocolate and you got a shake that will throw weight on your ass.....and your gut.....not much anywhere else but if you want a big ass and gut.........go for it.

  22. Thx for letting me know what u think of this product lol.... anyway, when i got about 10 ensure cans, 10 Jevity (another brand) and 10 of some other **** i forgot the name, i wasnt guna leave it with no use, so i took one with breakfast, 1 before workouts and 1 at night, i gained lots of weight, maybe mostly fat but still good weight, but yea of course there are better ways to gain weight, just my thought, thx for taking this in a good way :\

  23. Way to be a good sport tech
    Most would of got in a hissy fit of it.

  24. Originally posted by Technics
    maybe mostly fat but still good weight
    I guess people define "good weight" in a variety of ways it's cool Technics, you have the right attitude and that's what's important... just uh... read the labels and stuff from now on



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