From a female about Lipodrene

  1. From a female about Lipodrene


    I posted before about Dicana. I took Dicana for 6 and a half weeks at 3 nightly. Very pleased with the results. I didn't lose alot of weight but lost alot of bodyfat. Wonderful!!! I'm going to do another round pretty soon, after payday LOL.

    Has any tried Lipodrene? I hear that it is pretty effective for hunger control and weight loss.

    Thanks for your comments and feedback.


  2. hey!

    I have been wondering about Dicana... glad to hear it was effective.

    I have heard accounts of Lipodrene being an effective appetite suppressant, but the fat burning abilities of the Sida Cordifolia is supposedly nowhere near as good as Ma Huang. reports i have heard recently regarding fat loss on Sida was not extremely impressive. But then again, to each his/her own!

  3. my wife likes hoodia for an appetite suppressant but it seems to loose its effect over weeks.

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