Im wondering about USP stack...

  1. Im wondering about USP stack...

    Okay before i get flamed let me say i have searched already for info on Cissus RX and Powerfull stack. Yes, you may say there are alot of threads on this but the fact is that they are all stacks with another supp like camp or anagen..etc... So i was just wondering the effectiveness of this stack of only Cissus & Powerfull by experienced users.
    I decided to start today and I noticed a boost in boner intervals haha which might indicate the powerfull is boosting test a bit. I have 1 bottle of each and was thinking of dosing 2 pills 3 times a day for each, to make the bottle last a little longer. Just wondering what I should expect from these two bottles of cissus and powerfull.

  2. If you only started today I doubt that powerfull is taking effect yet, or at least I'd be surprised... I've not stacked them alone and I didn't dose them quite so lowly so I can't say how much of an effect it'll have really. Keep us posted though.

  3. well it could be because i was taking 6oxo for about 4 days before this. just to mess with it because i dont know what to do with all my supps.

  4. Powerfull releases free test allowing you to use all available test, does not produce test. 1 day of use I doubt you'll see much but increased erections is a side effect, better mood, deeper sleep, bigger pumps or so it feels, more stamina in all areas - cissus aids this but you cant' tell the two apart when combined - it'll just increase your pumps making you feel pumped all day. I have run them solo but while dieting - helped me keep perfect strength and helped with doms - cissus helps bones and tendons the most - stregthens those tendons so you feel tighter.

    why dont' you log your stack ?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Pfunk47
    Powerfull releases free test allowing you to use all available test, does not produce test.

    What is the mechanism? Does it bind with SHBG?

  6. synergy muscles article page is down - I will try and locate some literature about it. USP may have to chime in on this one - dont' want to misrepresent his product.


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