Press Release: X factor induces hypertrophy in-vitro!

  1. Press Release: X factor induces hypertrophy in-vitro!

    Quote Originally Posted by Molecular Nutrition
    X-Factorä Induces Hypertrophy in-vitro.

    Study at Benedictine University suggests X-factor™ to be a primary hypertrophic trigger in accruing lean muscle mass.

    May 17, 2006: Jupiter, FL. Dr. Craig Broeder and a team of scientists at Benedictine University have released a preliminary report concerning their recent work with arachidonic acid, the patented main ingredient in Molecular Nutrition's X-Factor™. Entitled, "THE EFFECTS OF ARACHIDONIC ACID SUPPLEMENTATION ON MYOTUBE DEVELOPMENT", the report pertains to a series of in-vitro investigations whose purpose was to measure arachidonic acid's effect on protein synthesis, myocyte fusion, lectin expression, prostaglandin synthesis, and overall hypertrophy in myotubes. The findings demonstrated that arachidonic acid may enhance the process of myotube differentiation, or in layman's terms, greatly accelerate muscle growth.
    According to the report, clear phenotypic changes were observed in cells exposed to arachidonic acid. These verified changes include [b]increased lateral diameter in myotubes, enhanced levels of myosin deposition, and greater concentration of nuclei.[b/] Such results further reinforce our understanding of arachidonic acid as an ergogen by showing that it does indeed augment muscle's hypertrophic response through enhanced cellular myotube growth, acting as a [b]primary hypertrophic catalyst[b/] in a complex hormonal cascade that regulates the growth of skeletal muscle tissue.
    In physically active people, X-Factor™ builds stores of arachidonic acid within the muscles, where it will intensify the response of the prostaglandin system to training stimulus. This leads to increases in protein synthesis in stressed muscle. With Molecular Nutrition being the only company legally allowed to sell arachidonic acid as an performance aid, X-Factor™ is truly one-of-a-kind within the realm of ergogenic supplements. This recently released preliminary study--adding the scores of scientific evidence elucidating the relevance of arachidonic acid supplementation in muscle growth--marks only the beginning of Molecular Nutrition's goal to fully substantiate arachidonic acid and X-Factor™ within the scientific and athletic communities.
    This is definitely a good thing!

    What is my take on this? And how does this invitro study apply to us so far?

    Well it clearly demonstrates that AA added exogenously to a cell (under favorable ATP conditions I'm assuming) is responsible for adaptative changes that include increased fiber diameter and protein synthesis. This is pretty huge and will eventually pave the way to a new understanding of the phospholipid bilayer in bodybuilding.

    Now In a training human that was able to accumulate Arachidonic acid (and stabilize it under resting conditions) it would be this Arachidonic acid released upon the muscle contraction that would signal to cell to become stronger.

    More studies will follow and over time. I'm hoping the ideal use of this key nutrient will be even more optimized in the future as learn more.
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