Question about Creatine and cutting...

  1. Exclamation Question about Creatine and cutting... here's my dilema: At the Arnold I recieved both Cell-tech and Vitargo, and I want to use them without gaining too much mass from fat. Here's the problem though, summer is near and I want to cut...but I also want to gain some muscle before I start cutting and since I am already on the bigger side I want to do it before I start cutting. So my question is, is there anyway to take these supplements and gain muscle mass while minimalizing gaining bodyfat and the best case scenario would be taking these and gaining muscle mass while actually losing weight. As far as cutting goes I purchased some MAN Scorch and MAN Vaporize, are they any good? If that doesn't work I also have the trusty ECA stack... I am 18 years old, about 5'7", ~180 lbs, and obviously ont he heftier side of the spectrum or I wouldn't be asking this question. Also, any suggestions on cardio would help too, I have tried high-intensity cardio to no real success... Thanks.

  2. For cutting I would get a creatine that doesnt have and sugars in it. I would of gone with BULK CEE powder, its cheap and is effective. It is hard to gain mass well losing bodyfat, so you got to make up your mind which one is more important right now and make your decision. As for cutting I dont recommend stimulants unless absoutley needed. But if you end up taking a stimulant I would go with the MAN Scorch , I would stack it with some sesamin. Its good to take sesamin year round, on a bulk it keeps fat gains down and on a cut it accelerates the fat loss process. I recommend 1-2 caps while bulking and 2-3 caps while cutting. Make sure to take the sesamin with a higher fat meal 10+ grams to get the full benefits from the sesamin. Here is more info on sesamin

    Ill be glad to help you with timing supps, but I need to know if you are going to bulk or cut.

  3. Thanks for the advice, I am pretty set on bulking but with minimum fat.

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