The Strap Works!!!

  1. The Strap Works!!!

    before you hit my rep points read this from Bulknutrition:

    The Strap Review by The Masterpiece

    Product: The Strap
    Date: Monday 06 February, 2006Review:
    This product is ****ing crazy. I will tell you all my experiences with the strap. First I went to a WWE match with my boyfriend and my favorite wrestler chris masters was doing a master lock challenge. He called anyone from the audience to take the master lock challenge and he picked me. He asked me what i was wearing and i said the strap he looked really scared. So he put the master lock on me and in half a second i broke out of it and accidently ripped both his arms off trying to get out of it. He was in serious pain so i put the strap on his neck and within seconds he grew new arms. It was crazy so when i got home me and my boyfriend got it on. So he wrapped this around his **** and it grew to 34 inches no joke. He rammed me so hard that i started bleeding out my ears I was in serious pain. Then after we ****ed we shared a bedtime shake to help with recovery and muscle growth. So we mixed up 6 Staps and put them in a shaker cup with 16oz of skim milk. I was really amazed on how easily the strap mixed in a shaker no clumps at all and it tastes great and absorbs quickly we were full of energy and this shake to away all of the pain i was feeling the recovery was awsome. I will be buying plenty more of the straps and at 100$ a strap, its a phenominal deal for all that is does.

  2. wow it really does work, lol Hey randy couture uses it and he kicked chuck lidells ass, he fought like a frenchman fought with his face lol, no offece to the french

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