Swole V.3 Review/Log

  1. Swole V.3 Review/Log

    Swole V.3 Review/Log
    Syntrax was kind enough to send me jug of Swole V.3 for me to try out and then give my opinion on. I will update this every Sunday until the jug is gone. I've been on V.3 since last Sunday. I quit using any creatine 4 weeks before I started the V.3 to get an objective view of this supplement.


    217lbs(first day starting V.3)
    12% BF

    Supps. used while on V.3:

    Now Eco-Green Multi Vitamin 2 per day
    Now Ascorbyl Palmitate 2 per day(500mg per cap)
    Spring Valley Natural Vit. E 2 per day(400iu per cap)
    Spring Valley Fish Oil 7 to 12 caps(1 gram per cap) daily
    Omega Flex 6 caps per day

    I was using bulk dicreatine malate(10 grams per day non workout days, 15 grams per day on workout days) for two months prior to this which as I stated above I stopped using 1 month before the first day on V.3. Before that I was using CEE, approximately 7 to 9 grams daily.

    First impressions of V.3:

    Great tasting. Not too sweet, which is a great plus in my book.

    Took around 3 days to start feeling the pump off of V.3. After that, the pump is almost constant. Arm days are almost uncomfortable.

    Took around the 5th day to see strength gains. My bench before V.3 on my 3rd set for 6 reps was 345lbs solid. On Friday my bench hit 360lbs for 7 reps solid. This is where I've also started to notice the endurance boost as my next exercise usually takes a hit due to using this kind of heavy weight. My incline bench actually went up 5 pounds on the 3rd set without the usual shakiness that I experience. I do triceps on Chest day too and when my chest is heavy my tri's usually take a hit on the weight I can use. I didn't experience that this time as I was able to increase weight on all 3 tricep exercises.

    Summary(so far):

    My biggest complaint of Swole V.2 was that it didn't have enough creatine in it(only 3 grams per dose, I always ended up putting extra creatine in the mix). That has been solved with V.3. With the increase of the Dicreatine Malate(up to 5 grams) and the addition of Creatine Anhydrous(2grams) there is no need to add any extra creatine.

    So far it is living up to the advertising, increased strength , increased endurance and some great pumps. It remains to be seen whether this will hold up over the long haul, but we shall see.

    One thing I do want to add, is to take this with food(it states this on the label). I tried to take it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning and it just kills the appetite. For someone like me who needs the keep the caloric intake high, this can't happen. After I started taking it after breakfast, all is good.

    I will keep updating this until my container is empty.

  2. Good review, I take it you are pleased with the results so far.

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