wpc vs wpi

  1. wpc vs wpi

    if you are not lactose intolerant are there any benefits to the more expensive wpi over wpc?

  2. If you're not lactose intolerant, I would just get WPC and make sure you get fulfill your protein requirements. I've used both for extended periods of time and cannot say one was any better than the other even though WPI is more pure. Ultimately I think it is more about consuming sufficient amounts of protein.

  3. Just get All The Whey's protein blend, good stuff at low price. WPI won't really give you better results as long as your diet and protein requirements are where they need to be.

  4. WPI is digested/absorbed faster and more completely (as I understand it), totally separate from LI issues; it also has roughly 1/3 the fat. A fast, uncomplicated protein bump.

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