Nutrasport cutting gel?

  1. Nutrasport cutting gel?

    Just curious has any one used this. My roomate tried it before a show and claims it worked. I think the 3 gallons of distilled water, spinach,and chicken dry had more to do with it then this gel. Just a little arguement we have going on. When you run for 90 mins every day prior to strength training you are going to get cut up. I dont know, post anything on the topic please.

  2. highly cost ineffective. i have seen results on other people while using it; but as you brought up they were dieting and doing cardio religiously which is (shock) what it takes to actually get results. i wouldn't throw any kind of $ at it.

    i would feel much better off buying some HEAT from avant, or t3 for that matter. it's about the same price

  3. Thanks, pretty much what I figured

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