trimax gone?

  1. trimax gone?

    Is trimax gone for good or can we still get it.

  2. yea, i am wondering what other places i can get that. I know where to get T3, but thats too much weight/muscle loss for me or at least it seems so on paper

  3. Trimax is gone bro.

  4. Wow...when did this happen?

  5. All gone.

  6. some say it always had been gone, but it really as gone by the way of Usnic Acid which you can still find, if you know where to look... sadly, i find it is easier to find UA then trimax lol even DNP is easier

  7. By "gone" are you talking "gone from public sources, like board sponsors" or something else? NOT asking for source info. If someone did have a good supply squirreled away, is that stash illegal?


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