help me stay awake after lunch!

  1. help me stay awake after lunch!

    im lookin for a supp to keep me from getting so lethargic after lunch, i almost fall asleep at my desk after lunch everyday. i was thinking maybe glucuronolactone and/or green tea extract. any input would be much appreciated (by my boss too)

  2. eat better food

  3. Yeah, I've had that problem, intermittently. One way to avoid it is to just not eat lunch (either small snacks during the day, or just fast). Getting enough sleep at night helps a lot as well. Regular periods of exercise during the day (especially a bit right after lunch) can also help.

  4. avoid starchy foods like pasta..bread..etc..for lunch...carbs can make you sleepy!!! Also avoid high sugar foods which can cause low blood sugar which cause you to feel tired and sleepy... a protein/fibrous carbs/fat meal ..perhaps a chicken salad..fibrous carbs and lean protein...and add some olive oil and vinegar for dressing.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dsl
    eat better food
    More like eat the right foods. Change what you eat for lunch before you resort to supplements. KK has the right idea.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by natedogg
    More like eat the right foods. Change what you eat for lunch before you resort to supplements. KK has the right idea.
    that's what I meant, as in keep the carbs clean and low gi. you don't have to cut out carbs, i'm sure bobo would get pissed if I did

  7. One thing that helps me is drinking a 32oz glass of water after my lunch. lunch dehydrates me.

  8. my lunch usually consists of brown rice chk breasts and black beans or low gi pasta sometimes a stir fry. so the food situation seems okay to me, are there any supps you would reccomend?

  9. It's called COFFEE, lol.

    Nah, seriously....try some Rampage by Anabolic Xtreme. I PROMISE that you will be wide awake and very alert. Normally used before workouts of course, but could also be used to give you a swift pick me up at work....why not?

  10. Coffee is great after a meal! They do it all over South and Central America and in Europe. Even low GI carbs and protein will make me a little drowsy. Cup of Joe, and I'm on the go!

  11. I agree with posts above related to food, you need to change up your diet before lunch. Diet is very key when it comes to energy.

  12. beans make me very tired... they have a ton of fiber so they digest slowwwwwwwwwwww

    I have noticed that when I am eating for size I also get really tired throughout the day... even if im not doing anything and I get a lot of sleep the night before

    here is what Ive found that works:
    caffeine tab (200mg and increase it if need be) easy and cheap
    more water (sometimes its just dehydration)
    am cardio (gets the whole body going during the day, metabolism up so you burn the food you eat fast and have energy)
    stretching (strechting for a little bit can get the body going/blood flowing)
    thats all i got

  13. Get some camphibolic and take it 30 minutes before lunch, I have the same problem, since I started taking this, no sleepy time after lunch...
  14. ALA

    Maybe take a supplement before hand to increase insulin sensitivity.

  15. Chocamine keeps me up and alert


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